supplies solid sheets for controlling CO2 in submarines, surface combatants and CBRN shelters

Micropore supplies carbon dioxide adsorbents for use in submarines, surface combatants, CBRN enclosures, mines and aerospace platforms. Micropore's patented ExtendAir® technology allows for binding fine adsorbent powder in a solid sheet. The sheet is 95% pure adsorbent powder but does not dust or settle and is not affected by high impact shock or vibration. The extremely fine powder used in ExtendAir® products have faster rates of reaction than granular adsorbents. Micropore CO2 control curtains operate passively, that means no power or fans are required. These curtains are carried onboard conventional and nuclear powered submarines for emergency CO2 control (DISSUB). Micropore supplies lithium hydroxide or calcium hydroxide PowerCube® for ready use fan-powered CO2 scrubbers. Adapter canisters are available to utilise PowerCube® adsorbent on existing six-slot submarine scrubbers. Micropore also manufactures lithium hydroxide monohydrate and calcium hydroxide adsorbents for use in scuba rebreathers and emergency escape rebreathers. Micropore's Spiralith™ carbon dioxide adsorbents are used in anesthesia machines. The ruggedness of Micropore products are advantageous in military stretchers using built-in breathing gas recycle.


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Available White Papers


Further Developments and Full-Scale Testing of Micropore's Calcium Hydroxide and Lithium Hydroxide Powercube® 10 September 2014 PowerCube® carbon dioxide adsorbents, for use in fan powered scrubbers.


Report of Manned Refuge Chamber Test 19 August 2014 Carbon dioxide adsorbing curtains are available from Micropore.