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Alloyed Steel Plates for Naval Shipbuilding Applications

Bisalloy Steels

Bisalloy Steels is Australia's sole manufacturer of quenched and tempered armour steel plate, as well as high-strength, high-toughness steel plate for naval shipbuilding applications.

Quenched and tempered steel plate provision

The specialised processes undertaken by Bisalloy both strengthen and harden the specially alloyed steel plate, with two key steps involved: quenching and tempering.

Bisalloy Steels supplied the steel for the hulls of Australia's six Collins Class Submarines for the Australian Submarine Corporation.

For this project, Bisalloy Steels provided more than 8,000t of quenched and tempered steel plate to a uniquely designed Bisplate grade. This plate is a micro-alloyed, high-yield stress and weldable steel with low-temperature impact properties.

Bisalloy's product was required to undergo rigorous testing to conform to the Royal Australian Navy's (RAN) stringent requirements.

Strong and tough steels for naval vessel manufacturing

Bisalloy Steels supplies high strength and high-toughness steels (such as HY 80 and HY 100 to US specification) for the manufacture of frigates, air warfare destroyers, helicopter landing dock vessels and other large naval vessels.

The steel has unique characteristics, such as strength, toughness and shock-loading impact resistance, but the steel is also readily cold-formed, fabricated and welded.

Overall, it is the combination of the two processes of quenching and tempering, combined with a specialised and highly refined alloying that produces stronger and tougher steel with good fabrication properties, which is also ductile and tough for shipbuilding applications.

Defence approved armour steel plates

Bisalloy Steels is an approved facility to manufacture armour steel plates by defence authority in various countries including Australia and the US. Bisalloy armour plates comply with US MIL-DTL standards used as the specifications for the manufacture of armour steel plates worldwide.

About Bisalloy Steels

Bisalloy Steels is Australia's leading manufacturer of high-tensile and abrasion-resistant quenched and tempered steel plates. These are used for armour, structural and wear-resistant steel applications and marketed under the brand name BISALLOY®. The plates are exported to countries across continents such as the Middle East, Europe, North America and South America.

From the company's headquarters in Unanderra near Sydney, NSW, its products are manufactured through a highly efficient, continuous flow process. Since beginning operation in 1980, Bisalloy Steels has earned an outstanding international reputation for product quality and technical backup.

Bisalloy's position as a specialist performance steel manufacturer and supplier means it is extremely responsive to global customer demands and market changes. Additionally, the company's commitment and focus is on continual product development and improvement.

Bisalloy Steels delivers to a whole range of industry manufacturers, including pressure vessel, defence, general fabrication, construction and mining. The company supplies its products to an Australian distributor network directly to end users, through its organisations in Thailand, Indonesia and the People's Republic of China along with worldwide agents.

Bisalloy Steel Group is made up of Australian-based Bisalloy Steels, PT Bima Bisalloy, Bisalloy Thailand and since 2011, the Chinese CJV investment known as Bisalloy Jigang (Shandong) Steel Plate Co.

The Group is mainly focused on its tempered and quenched steel plate production processes, as well as leveraging off its intellectual property linked to the raw material input ('green feed') formulation.

Though the intellectual property's primary value has so far been delivered through quenched and tempered steel plate production from Bisalloy Steels' production facility in Unanderra, the joint venture in China has now proven its ability to replicate and build upon it.

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Armour Plate Steel 24 October 2016 Since 1980, Bisalloy Steels has proudly been Australia's only manufacturer of quenched and tempered steel plate used for armour, structural and wear-resistant steel applications and has established an outstanding international reputation for quality products and technical support.